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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Style & Travel: Tallinn PART 2

'Ello darlings! 
Hope you're enjoying your week so far. I've been busy busy busy at work but feeling excited to start my little one week holiday on Saturday, yayh! 
Here are some more photos taken in Tallinn. As I said in my earlier post, I  fell madly in love with the Old Town, and I think these photos will prove exactly why.  
This look I'm wearing was so comfy for the hot weather we got to enjoy that weekend. I'm head over heels for taupe, nude and other neutral colors, just can't get enough of them! Already filling up my Boohoo and Missguided shopping baskets online. Think I might faint when the actual sales start. The struggle is real homies!

Letter to my future self for a year from now:

Dear Me,

You're slowly starting to trust yourself more, trust in your own voice & opinions and voicing them out when you need to. Time to start living the life you imagine for yourself, stop the pity party and see things as they are, and if you don't like something then change it. Do more of what makes you happy, I know it's such a cliche but it is truer than true. You're not doing too bad right now but you're also not where you'd like to be either. You know what you have to do to get there, so get a move on and don't stop.
Hope you're not in a rut of being too scared anymore, take a few risks and gamble a little. Stop avoiding that inner voice and listen to it, carefully, follow wherever it might want to take you. It's okay for things to not turn out the way you planned or wanted, don't be afraid of losing something that feels great because God always has a plan even greater than you could've ever imagined. Be free, be you, be a little selfish and be courageous. It will all work itself out as long as you keep pushing.

Dress - Boohoo.com
Sandals - Matalan.com
Waterfall jacket - Primark
Watch - Focus



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthday weekend in Tallinn PART 1.

Heya sweetcheeks! 

I've always been a fan of celebrating birthdays in a big way. This year though, I felt like taking it easy and taking a moment to reflect. On Thursday the 11th my family and friends made the day so special, and it just happened that the weather was perfect for a celebratory picnic! Early morning wake up on Friday was not fun, and getting on a boat for two hours with the worst hangover, also wasn't that fun. But once we reached our beautiful hotel in Old Town (Hotel L'Ermitage, try them out, it was affordable and super luxurious!), we went on ultimate relax mode. 
After a nice Siesta we were ready to go and explore the city. I've never really seen Tallinn, we always just go over for the day cruise and spend most of the day shopping for cheap booze, you know how it issss! Anyhoo, I honestly didn't expect to like Tallinn as much as I did! The city is actually very beautiful and there's loads to do. We spent our days exploring the Old Town, enjoying the sunshine on rooftop terraces and sucking in the energy & vibe of the city. 
Here is part 1 of my posts on Tallinn..I just took so many damn photos and don't want to bore you guys with all of them at once ;)

Seriously, if you're just looking to get away for a short, affordable trip just to get a change of scenery, I recommend you try Tallinn. I'll be going back very soon for sure! 

White top - missguided.com
Jeans - Calvin Klein Jeans
Shoes - Spirit Store
Jacket - boohoo.com
Accessories - vintage



Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why are things so Black & White?

Hello lovers!
Hope you've enjoyed your weekend! Congrats to all the smart minds that graduated. May the world now be yours!
Wanted to show you guys what I wore the other day. Absolutely loving midi-skirts right now! The length accentuates a curvy figure perfectly. Summer weather is here so also kicking my boots to the curb and rocking sandals! Yay! Now bring on the tan!! ;) Have a relax Sunday! 

 My motto right now "Stressed but well dressed". 

Top & skirt set - missguided.com
Bag - Matalan
Gold cuffs - H&M
Sandals - Matalan
Sunglasses - Lindex